Ursula Corbero Appears In New Falabella Ad – LA CASA DE PAPEL FANS

ursula corbero falabella 2021

ursula corbero falabella 2021

Ursula Corbero appears in a new ad for Falabella. See the video of her from the campaign and find out more in our article below.

Ursula Corbero was simply stellar in La Casa De Papel. And, although, we won’t give you any spoilers, we might drop out a small hint about her character. Her interpretation of Tokyo will leave everyone in awe by the end of the season. Now, for the people who have seen it all, they know that this ad is a completely different parallel to what’s going on in the show.

Falabella, a fashion brand from Argentina has now published their latest campaign featuring Ursula Corbero too. However, this isn’t the first time Ursula is advertising for the brand. In the last few years she was featured in a significant number of promotional ads and campaigns for Falabella. Somehow, she became an image for the company.

Here, you can take a look on the video. In addition, special thanks to @ucorberoupdates on Twitter. Make sure you’ll follow her for the latest news about Ursula.

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Image credits to Falabella and their respective owners.

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